Netflix dropped a 3-part docuseries this past week that chronicles the life of Bill Gates. Bill Gates has been a polarizing figure throughout his life and people often mention that he is an asshole. I, for one, used to hold him in the same regard, always being a stanch supporter and defender of his opposite: Steve Jobs.

After watching this show I can safely say that like Jobs, Gates is misunderstood. He is another genius that simply always wants the best. The beauty of this series by Davis Guggenheim is that is parallels segments and progress within the history of Microsoft with timelines associated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he now spends almost all of this time.

I won’t go too deep into the show here or share much more than to say it is a must watch, and I don’t want to waste your screen time with reading this when you can be watching it. This show is a masterpiece on the creative process, drive, and accomplishments of one of the most successful humans of our time. However, I feel that Gates will be better known for his humanitarian work in the future than what he has done to revolutionize the computer.

You can watch Inside Bill’s Brain on Netflix.