This (unfortunately) is not my first rodeo.

I launched a blog last fall and failed to write more than 15 posts in a year. That abysmal outcome can be attributed to many things, but mainly because it truly was not the right time for me. But - on the bright side - I now have so much more to write about. In this blog I want to detail the newest tech i’ve reviewed, travel reports, exciting news, and more. I plan on this being the home of my long hand, more thought out content, where my newsletter is all short-hand, quick, and amusing.

My goal with this blog is to publish 15 times a month for at least a year. I will re-publish some of the old reviews and posts that were decent, but most of them were hot garbage. I have learned this journey we are all on called life is a constant iteration. One must continue to reinvent themselves to learn, stay ahead of the curve, and be successful.

I have no idea where this blog will take me, but I look forward to the journey.

Yours Truly,

Rob Auchincloss (RMA)